Patelvis World Tour

Patelvis and Curry-Oke

The amazing Patelvis is doing a MAHD MAHD World Tour for Charity.

A series of fundraising dinners are being staged for Oldham’s awesome Youth Zone MAHDLO.

Not-to-be-missed, the evenings are taking place around Greater Oldham and as always will be packed with Patelvis’ top notch entertainment featuring classic hits, Curry-Oke, dancing, a raffle and auction for MAHDLO and even more hits. It’s a all for a good cause bringing healthly fun and facilities to Oldham’s young people and a great night’s entertainment in great local restaurants with good food.

You can read more about MAHDLO here , here and here

Dates and Places

  • 17 January 2013 – Last Monsoon, Stockport
    24 January 2013 – Blue Tiffin, Royton, Oldham
    31 January 2013  – La Minhaz, Middleton
    1 February 2013  – Millon Restaurant, Westwood, Oldham
    7 February 2013 – Indian Ocean, Oldham

Pictures from the recent Blue Tiffin event on the 24th Jan.

Patelvis at Blue Tiffin January 24th

Patelvis Mahdlo Poster

The awesome Patelvis is making a special appearance at Blue Tiffin in January.

Patelvis Mahdlo Poster
Patelvis will be performing in support of the amazing, brilliant MAHDLO Youth Zone, a huge facility for the young people of Oldham. As always there will be classic hits a-plenty and audience participation with Karaoke and a full evening of great entertainment from Patelvis.

MAHDLO launched in March this year with an official inauguration ceremony later in October with the ribbon being cut by HRH Prince Edward.

We are huge fans of Patelvis and of MAHDLO and of Blue Tiffin too who in addition to being a terrific restauant, host a lot of charity events  and we will be there taking pictures on the night for a special PAT goes MAHD at the TIFF gallery.

Links More about MAHDLO:
A video tour around MAHDLO on launch Day (march)
Launch event Gallery
Cutting the Ribbon at MAHDLO (Oct)

La Min Haz Swings Again

Songwriter,Guitarist,Singer Elysse

The latest Charity event at La Min Haz in Middleton featured Classic Sinatra from Keith Swift, who Swung Sinatra at there Vision Bangladesh Charity Dinner last year. This time the cause to benefit was the Lord Mayor of Middleton’s Charity Appeal and Keith shared the bill with the young guitarist, songwriter and singer Ellysse Mason.

Both were well appreciated by both Lord and Lady Mayor and the audience of diners.

Curry for Christies – Result for Blue Tiffin

cheque curry for christies

The first charity event of 2012 held by Blue Tiffin restaurant from Royton, Oldham was held on 2nd May to raise funds for The Christie Cancer Fund.   Diners attended the evening which, saw the chef cook up some sumptuous food followed by a raffle which was conducted by Big Al and an auction conducted by Mr Snow from the The christie Group in Oldham.  The diners were entertained by actress and comedian Zoe Iqbal.

cheque curry for christies
At the end of the evening the total funds raised was £1000 and this was further improved when one of diners added another £100 to make it £1100.

Jack Choudhury, manager at Blue Tiffin said, “ we are pleased to support the Christie Cancer Fund, as cancer affects lots of people in Oldham and throughout the country, we wanted to support the cause and make a difference to the lives of people affected by cancer”

He added, “we are a local restaurant and its a our duty to support charities which are doing good work for the benefit of Oldham residents.  We are also going to organise more charity events for local causes, so if anyone wishes to work with us, please contact us.”