The Sampan has Anchored in Westwood


Another new restaurant just opened in Westwood, Oldham. The Sampan is based in Anchor Mill on Featherstall Road, on the corner which was previously a take-away. The restaurant opened at 5.00. but we had a preview earlier that afternoon. It’s a family run business serving traditional Bangladeshi food and we spent some time chatting with three young members of the family who would be leaning the trade and working as waiters. They told us “its a boat” when we asked about the shape used as an emblem. Right. Sampan. got it. They have gone for a very neat and clean look and the bar is enhanced by natural wood fixtures, made by a family member for the place other decorations include a ship’s wheel with more nautical motifs to come. The finishing touches are still being applied, but this is how it looked a couple of hours before kick-off.

Patelvis Live at Indigo


Patelvis was awesome. Uhuh.

Indigo Bury and Patelvis treated a packed house of over 120 diners to several hours of really great entertainment with a wide range of classic numbers. After dinner the audience was up and dancing and joining in with an enthusiastic karaoke session while Patelvis prepared for his last set of the evening.  By the finale at 11.30 just about everyone was dancing. In all a fantastic evening with an awesome Elvis.

Patelvis Live in Bury Las Vegashire…

A WamaVamaLamaSaki Launch Party


Vamasaki  Oldham hosted an open evening/full blown launch party with entertainment and nibbles galore last night.

It was by invite only and somehow we got invited!

Following on from the opening of their new restaurant near mumps just over a month ago Vamasaki held an event to introduce the diners of Oldham to their new place. There was a terrific singer Natalie, dancers outside were twirling and hula-ing with hoops illuminated by coloured lights and sometimes fire! Our favourite Bollywood dancers, Panache were there too. It was very entertaining. The place was packed, with quite a number of regulars from the “old place” at Grains Bar turning up to enjoy the occasion and had a fine time too.  It looked great – here are some pics.

Bollywood Goes to Ashton


The latest recruit to the entertainment revolution is Blu Spice in Ashton – a nice bright, modern style restaurant who on the 12th had a Bollywood night night featuring the ever-popular dancers of Panache. We are big fans – they dance, have loads of personality and as can be seen, really get the audience involved, patting the dog ,changing a lightbulb and other Bollywood moves. A great night, great dance, good food, fantastic fun; the Ashton audience loved every minute and joined in enthusiastically.

Patelvis is in the Building!

Patelvis live at Indigo

Well – he will be on the 28th. The building being  703 Manchester Road, Bury.

Patelvis live at IndigoPatelvis aka “The Indian Elvis” is appearing at the Indigo restaurant, Bury on 28th September 7pm to 11.30pm.

Indigo promises a rip-roaring celebration of the King of Rock n Roll and will in addition to the live performance from Patelvis you will be able to to dance the night away with Karaoke, DJ and a four course mail for £12.95 per person.