New Shalimar Restaurant in Wilmslow


Wandering in Wilmslow on Wednesday evening we visited the brand-spanking-new Shalimar in Summerfield Village. A new establishment from the folks who brought you the Shalimar, Saddleworth and Simla, Royton – in a location that was previously a Chinese Restaurant. The new Shalimar serves Northern Indian and Bangladeshi style.

First off, it’s big with retro-modern style decor featuring a long, linear lounge area by the bar and unusual sweeping curves in the main restaurant area, both with granite tiled walls. It’s atmospheric, but not dim; nicely lit – colourful with some interesting mirror-copper shades in seating areas, plus the now customary colour-changing mood-lighting from recesses in the ceiling. The overall colour scheme being warm earthy tones with orange accents

In previous news and views we have singled out things that caught our fancy in various establishments, from quirky mottos printed on napkins to exceptional cutlery. Well, at the new Shalimar we were knocked out out by the plates. Great plates. Solid stoneware in orange and brown, fitting the decor and really lending a feel of substance to your meal’s presentation.

The food itself was good and tasty with all the flavours well rendered, by smell we could discern the onions and tomatoes in a Rogan Josh even as it arrived at the table. Vegetables were fresh and retained a crisp texture. The starters were crispy onion Bhaji, nice and soft and onion-y inside, particularly nicely presented with a shredding of mixed salad and a squiggle of perky sauce alongside.

Easy to find, they are on the main row at Summerfield Village centre just off the roundabout, with plenty of parking space – so if you are a Wilmslovian in search of a modern curry experience, you might want to check them out.

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