Curry for Christies – Result for Blue Tiffin

cheque curry for christies

The first charity event of 2012 held by Blue Tiffin restaurant from Royton, Oldham was held on 2nd May to raise funds for The Christie Cancer Fund.   Diners attended the evening which, saw the chef cook up some sumptuous food followed by a raffle which was conducted by Big Al and an auction conducted by Mr Snow from the The christie Group in Oldham.  The diners were entertained by actress and comedian Zoe Iqbal.

cheque curry for christies
At the end of the evening the total funds raised was £1000 and this was further improved when one of diners added another £100 to make it £1100.

Jack Choudhury, manager at Blue Tiffin said, “ we are pleased to support the Christie Cancer Fund, as cancer affects lots of people in Oldham and throughout the country, we wanted to support the cause and make a difference to the lives of people affected by cancer”

He added, “we are a local restaurant and its a our duty to support charities which are doing good work for the benefit of Oldham residents.  We are also going to organise more charity events for local causes, so if anyone wishes to work with us, please contact us.”

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