About Cookies

Cookies are not essential for the use of this site. 

Some features, such as voting for restaurants use a cookie to remember your vote, but mostly, the site will work fine if you choose to block cookies.

Features we may add in the may require additional use of cookies: for example to allow access to members area or to remember options while you are on the site: these are essential to the operation of most modern sites and they should persist only as long as you are on the site or until you close your browser with the exception of  remembering your personal preferences and login status if such options are available.

When signing up for such functions, full explanation will be provided of any cookie or information storage required. Our “Cookie Consent” banner will notify of any changes and refer to this page to inform you as to what they are.

General Privacy

The server collects anonymous usage statistics for the web-site and our content management system tells us which pages are viewed, so we know what content is popular and what we are doing right and so we can better match our visitors’ interests. In some cases such as voting in polls, or if a log-in is required; IP addresses may be used for security – for example our own IP address is blocked from site-statistics and voting, so we can’t cheat.

We are not tracking you, we don’t want to know what you had for breakfast. However plenty of sites do just that, especially the “social” ones.

If  in doubt you can enable “private” or “incognito mode” in your web browser.
You can also use programs such as “Super Anti Spyware” link  (free version works fine) to remove cookies and other tracking objects that sites drop onto your system, even the most persistent.

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